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A node.js Twilio helper library.


Build Status

End User Docs

For detailed usage infomation and API docs, head out here:


Bug fixes, docs, and enhancements welcome! If you're not familiar with the GitHub pull request/contribution process, this is a nice tutorial.

Getting Started

Fork and clone the repository. Install dependencies with:

npm install

Run the existing test spec with npm test.

To run just one specific test file instead of the whole suite, provide a JavaScript regular expression that will match your spec file's name, like:

./node_modules/.bin/jasmine-node spec -m .\*accounts.\*

To run live tests (such as against your Twilio account, you will need to create a local configuration file. In the project root directory, do the following:

  • cp config.sample.js config.js
  • Edit config.js with your account information, a Twilio number, and your own mobile number
  • Run the live tests

Contributing Code

In your fork, create a new feature/bug fix branch, per the guide listed above. Write a Jasmine test spec for your new feature or bug fix, and hack until it passes! Submit a pull request, and it will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Contributing Docs

Right now, the docs are maintained in static HTML in the gh-pages branch of this repository. We hope to switch to a more robust documentation system soon, but for the time being, you can make documentation changes by editing index.html directly.