Create Slack signup page using Auth0 webtasks
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Create Slack signup page using Auth0 webtasks


With Auth0 Webtasks you can quickly create a signup page for your Slack team without worrying about hosting, backends, and devops.

Follow these 3 steps:

npm install -g wt-cli
wt init
wt create \
    --name {your_slack_team}-signup \
    --secret SLACK_ORG={your_slack_team} \
    --secret SLACK_TOKEN={your_slack_admin_token} \
    --dependency ejs@2.6.1 \
    --dependency superagent@3.8.3 \
    --dependency body-parser@1.18.3 \

The {your_slack_admin_token} can be obtained from Slack here.

Optionally, you can also provide --secret LOGO_URL={url_to_your_logo} which will display your custom logo on the signup page. It should be square and not less than 100x100px.

Use the resulting URL as your Slack signup page. Enjoy!