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Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. update the code to use Auth10.AspNet.SimpleConfig NuGet which has som…

    woloski authored
    …e improvements (all the code is isolated under FederatedIdentity folder, no need for post app start, no more private classes, adding replyurl support for waad, adding MachineKeySessionSecurityTokenHandler for farm friendly cookies, adding helper that allows cleaning up fedauth cookies)
  2. fix line endings on default.aspx waaad template, somehow they were sc…

    woloski authored
    …rew up after the merge
  3. merge with upstream and resolve conflicts on default.aspx, web.config…

    woloski authored
    … and bootstrapper
Commits on Aug 6, 2012
  1. @samandmoore
  2. @samandmoore
  3. @samandmoore

    fixing indentation

    samandmoore authored
  4. @samandmoore

    removing dead CSS

    samandmoore authored
  5. @samandmoore

    tweaked lobby list searching to only display closed rooms if the show…

    samandmoore authored
    … closed rooms checkbox is checked
  6. @samandmoore
  7. @samandmoore

    changed release tag to use fixed position so that it remains properly…

    samandmoore authored
    … positioned even when using dev tools and resizing the window
Commits on Aug 1, 2012
  1. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #569 from SirPsychoS/master

    davidfowl authored
    Fix double-encoding of URLs, causing valid URLs to break and invalid ones to be turned into links
  2. @davidfowl

    Noop if there's no user id.

    davidfowl authored
  3. Fix double-encoding of URLs, causing valid URLs to break and invalid …

    Andrew Pritchard authored
    …ones to be turned into links
  4. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #568 from dpatti/ie-scroll-fix

    davidfowl authored
    Another attempt to fix Chrome bug without breaking IE
  5. @davidfowl
  6. @davidfowl
  7. @dpatti
  8. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #567 from dpatti/ie-scroll-fix

    davidfowl authored
    Revert and find a compromise between the two solutions
  9. @dpatti

    Revert and find a compromise between the two solutions

    dpatti authored
    IE was showing jumpiness when you scrolled to 0
  10. @davidfowl

    Move disconnect logic.

    davidfowl authored
    - Fixed formatting of a test (sigh...)
    - Don't set all users to offline at app start.
  11. @davidfowl

    Increased disconnect delay

    davidfowl authored
  12. @davidfowl

    Moved logic to server side reconnect.

    davidfowl authored
    - Changed CheckStatus to just check the version.
  13. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #565 from dpatti/horizontal-scroll-fix

    davidfowl authored
    Fix scrollToBottom when a horizontal scrollbar is present
  14. @dpatti

    Fix scrollToBottom when a horizontal scrollbar is present

    dpatti authored
    Because the scrollHeight - height calculations do not give the actual max scroll
    value, we have reverted to using just scrollHeight, which is an obvious
    overshoot. That said, the only reason it was changed originally was so that the
    scroll fix for chrome could offset it by 1 and then back again, but this can be
    worked around by setting it to 0. Because the browser won't repaint immediately,
    no stutter should be visible.
  15. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #564 from dpatti/no-chat-date

    davidfowl authored
    Don't add a date header in rooms without chat
  16. @dpatti
  17. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #563 from davidfowl/release-tag

    davidfowl authored
    adding azure release bits for setting commit details
  18. @samandmoore

    Disable JS / CSS minification when building in debug mode

    samandmoore authored
    via @dpatti - "I keep making this change locally, since it is nearly impossible to debug
    JavaScript when it is minified. By not calling ForceRelease(), SquishIt will
    only minify when a release is built."
  19. @samandmoore
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. @samandmoore
  2. @davidfowl

    Merge pull request #559 from dpatti/various-scroll-fixes

    davidfowl authored
    Various scroll fixes
  3. @dpatti

    Delay the scroll watching events until after the deferred callback

    dpatti authored
    When you are joining a room (not on refresh), after the room is populated, a
    message is appended noting when you joined the room, and an optional room
    welcome message is displayed. These will change the scroll value, which makes
    all the onload watch calls fail.
  4. @dpatti

    Change expandable content selector to skip gravatars

    dpatti authored
    This change will cut down on the amount of onload events fired, since gravatars
    do not influence page scroll at all.
  5. @dpatti
  6. @samandmoore
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