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MobileAge Deployment Environment core module
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Open Data and Services Platform (ODSP) core

This repository refers to the environment that hosts the core part of the Open Data and Services Platform (ODSP).

This repository contains the following technologies:

Developer guidelines

Environmental variables

The applications module uses dotenv package for the enrironment variables management.

The following environment variables are the ones required:

  • NODE_ENV| development or production
  • PORT| The server port (DEFAULT: 5000)
  • apps_vm_url | It refers to the url through which the application module is accessible (e.g. http://vm_ip_address:port)
  • code_repository_url | It refers to the url through which the code repository is accessible (e.g. http://vm_ip_address:port)
  • code_repository_port | It refers to the port through which the code repository is exposed (e.g. 10082)
  • platform_url | It refers to the port through which the platform is accessible (e.g. http://vm_ip_address:port)
  • admin_token | It refers to the token of the administrator of the code repository (e.g. token)


  1. Install docker
  2. Install gitlab (is used as the source code host and as the authentication server). In order to install gitlab, you can use the following commands:
# The DB part
docker run --name gitlab-postgresql -d \
    --env 'DB_NAME=gitlabhq_production' \
    --env 'DB_USER=gitlab' --env 'DB_PASS=password' \
    --env 'DB_EXTENSION=pg_trgm' \
    --volume /srv/docker/gitlab/postgresql:/var/lib/postgresql \

# The caching part
docker run --name gitlab-redis -d \
    --volume /srv/docker/gitlab/redis:/var/lib/redis \

# The gitlab instance
docker run --name gitlab -d \
    --link gitlab-postgresql:postgresql --link gitlab-redis:redisio \
    --publish 10023:22 --publish 10081:80 \
    --env 'GITLAB_PORT=10081' --env 'GITLAB_SSH_PORT=10023' \
    --env 'GITLAB_SECRETS_DB_KEY_BASE=long-and-random-alpha-numeric-string' \
    --env 'GITLAB_SECRETS_SECRET_KEY_BASE=long-and-random-alpha-numeric-string' \
    --env 'GITLAB_SECRETS_OTP_KEY_BASE=long-and-random-alpha-numeric-string' \
    --volume /srv/docker/gitlab/gitlab:/home/git/data \
  1. Install nvm so that playing with node versions is easier
  2. Install node through nvm. We are working with at least the version 8.9.4: - nvm install 8.9.4
  3. Do npm install to install dependencies.
  4. Run the application with: npm start
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