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Build and Install the App with Xcode

Open the project with Xcode and click on the "Play" button to run the application in the simulator or select a connected physical device to install the app on the device.

Install the IPA on a Device

If you don't have Xcode or a Mac you can install the relased IPA using Cydia Impactor.

Download Cydia Impactor for your platform from, uncompress the archive and run Cydia Impactor.

Make sure your device is listed and selected in Cydia Impactor, then:

  • Select Device > Install Package...
  • Select the WheresMyBrowser.ipa file
  • You will be prompted for an icloud account and its password. The account is used to sign the application. If you don't have a developer account, the signature will be valid for 7 days.

Once installed, you need to trust the developer on the device:

  • Select Settings > General > Profiles
  • Select the "Developer App" profile corresponding to your Apple user
  • Select "Verify App", then Verify (This requires Internet connectivity from the phone)

You should now be able to launch the Where's My Browser app.

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