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pragma solidity 0.5.16;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "./BaseMetaTxAccount.sol";
* @title AuthKeyMetaTxAccount
* @author Authereum, Inc.
* @dev Contract used by auth keys to send transactions.
contract AuthKeyMetaTxAccount is BaseMetaTxAccount {
/// @dev Execute multiple authKey meta transactions
/// @param _transactions Arrays of transaction data ([destination, value, gasLimit, data][...]...)
/// @param _gasPrice Gas price set by the user
/// @param _gasOverhead Gas overhead of the transaction calculated offchain
/// @param _feeTokenAddress Address of the token used to pay a fee
/// @param _feeTokenRate Rate of the token (in tokenGasPrice/ethGasPrice) used to pay a fee
/// @param _transactionMessageHashSignature Signed transaction data
function executeMultipleAuthKeyMetaTransactions(
bytes[] memory _transactions,
uint256 _gasPrice,
uint256 _gasOverhead,
address _feeTokenAddress,
uint256 _feeTokenRate,
bytes memory _transactionMessageHashSignature
returns (bytes[] memory)
uint256 _startGas = gasleft();
(bytes32 _transactionMessageHash, bytes[] memory _returnValues) = _atomicExecuteMultipleMetaTransactions(
// Validate the signer
_transactionMessageHash, _transactionMessageHashSignature
if (_shouldRefund(_transactions)) {
_issueRefund(_startGas, _gasPrice, _gasOverhead, _feeTokenAddress, _feeTokenRate);
return _returnValues;
* Internal functions
/// @dev Validate signatures from an auth key meta transaction
/// @param _transactionMessageHash Ethereum signed message of the transaction
/// @param _transactionMessageHashSignature Signed transaction data
/// @return Address of the auth key that signed the data
function _validateAuthKeyMetaTransactionSigs(
bytes32 _transactionMessageHash,
bytes memory _transactionMessageHashSignature
address _authKey = _transactionMessageHash.recover(_transactionMessageHashSignature);
require(_isValidAuthKey(_authKey), "AKMTA: Auth key is invalid");
/// @dev Check whether a refund should be issued
/// @notice A refund should not be issued if the account is performing an Authereum-related update
/// @param _transactions Arrays of transaction data ([destination, value, gasLimit, data][...]...)
/// @return True if a refund should be issued
function _shouldRefund(bytes[] memory _transactions) internal view returns (bool) {
address _destination;
for(uint i = 0; i < _transactions.length; i++) {
(_destination,,,) = _decodeTransactionData(_transactions[i]);
if (_destination != address(this)) return true;
return false;