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pragma solidity 0.5.16;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
import "./initializer/AccountInitialize.sol";
import "./state/AccountState.sol";
import "./TokenReceiverHooks.sol";
import "../interfaces/IERC20.sol";
import "../libs/ECDSA.sol";
import "../libs/SafeMath.sol";
import "../libs/BytesLib.sol";
* @title BaseAccount
* @author Authereum, Inc.
* @dev Base account contract. Performs most of the functionality
* @dev of an Authereum account contract.
contract BaseAccount is AccountState, AccountInitialize, TokenReceiverHooks {
using SafeMath for uint256;
using ECDSA for bytes32;
using BytesLib for bytes;
// Include a CHAIN_ID const
uint256 constant private CHAIN_ID = 1;
modifier onlySelf {
require(msg.sender == address(this), "BA: Only self allowed");
modifier onlyAuthKeySender {
require(_isValidAuthKey(msg.sender), "BA: Auth key is invalid");
modifier onlyAuthKeySenderOrSelf {
require(_isValidAuthKey(msg.sender) || msg.sender == address(this), "BA: Auth key or self is invalid");
// This is required for funds sent to this contract
function () external payable {}
* Getters
/// @dev Get the chain ID constant
/// @return The chain id
function getChainId() public pure returns (uint256) {
return CHAIN_ID;
* Public functions
/// @dev Add an auth key to the list of auth keys
/// @param _authKey Address of the auth key to add
function addAuthKey(address _authKey) external onlyAuthKeySenderOrSelf {
require(authKeys[_authKey] == false, "BA: Auth key already added");
authKeys[_authKey] = true;
numAuthKeys += 1;
emit AuthKeyAdded(_authKey);
/// @dev Remove an auth key from the list of auth keys
/// @param _authKey Address of the auth key to remove
function removeAuthKey(address _authKey) external onlyAuthKeySenderOrSelf {
require(authKeys[_authKey] == true, "BA: Auth key not yet added");
require(numAuthKeys > 1, "BA: Cannot remove last auth key");
authKeys[_authKey] = false;
numAuthKeys -= 1;
emit AuthKeyRemoved(_authKey);
* Internal functions
/// @dev Check if an auth key is valid
/// @param _authKey Address of the auth key to validate
/// @return True if the auth key is valid
function _isValidAuthKey(address _authKey) internal view returns (bool) {
return authKeys[_authKey];
/// @dev Execute a transaction without a refund
/// @notice This is the transaction sent from the CBA
/// @param _destination Destination of the transaction
/// @param _value Value of the transaction
/// @param _gasLimit Gas limit of the transaction
/// @param _data Data of the transaction
/// @return Response of the call
function _executeTransaction(
address _destination,
uint256 _value,
uint256 _gasLimit,
bytes memory _data
returns (bytes memory)
(bool success, bytes memory res) =;
// Get the revert message of the call and revert with it if the call failed
if (!success) {
string memory _revertMsg = _getRevertMsg(res);
return res;
/// @dev Get the revert message from a call
/// @notice This is needed in order to get the human-readable revert message from a call
/// @param _res Response of the call
/// @return Revert message string
function _getRevertMsg(bytes memory _res) internal pure returns (string memory) {
// If the _res length is less than 68, then the transaction failed silently (without a revert message)
if (_res.length < 68) return 'BA: Transaction reverted silently';
bytes memory revertData = _res.slice(4, _res.length - 4); // Remove the selector which is the first 4 bytes
return abi.decode(revertData, (string)); // All that remains is the revert string