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Users Management for Web & Mobile Apps


Authgear is an extensible turnkey solution for all of your consumer authentication needs.

We provide a simple auth and self-service portal for your users to start with, customizable as you grow with a simple GraphQL-based Admin API and programmable authentication flows for signup, login and re-auth.

With a comprehensive range of out-of-the-box features to accelerate your projects, such as:

  • Passwordless login: Magic-link/OTP with Email, SMS, WhatsApp; Passkeys
  • Biometric Login on iOS and Android
  • 2FA: TOTP, SMS, Email
  • Integration with analytics, CDP, and drip campaigns
  • Enterprise Security: Audit logs, Bruteforce Protection, Rate Limits
  • B2B Enterprise Connections: ADFS, LDAP
  • and more...

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The easiest way to start is to sign up at for a free account.

✅ Quick Start Guide

Example applications

Check out one of our examples repo.

Deploy Authgear (Self-Hosted)

To deploy Authgear locally, follow this guide

Helm Chart is the recommended way to deploy Authgear on Kubernetes for production usage


The source code for the Server, Admin API, and User Portal lives in authgear-server.

Each Client SDKs lives in its own repo:

There are other supplementary repo:


  1. authgear-server authgear-server Public

    Open source alternative to Auth0 / Firebase Auth

    Go 67 28

  2. authgear-sdk-js authgear-sdk-js Public

    Authgear authentication SDK for Single Page Applications (SPA) and JavaScript websites

    TypeScript 5 17

  3. authgear-sdk-android authgear-sdk-android Public

    Authgear authentication SDK for Android

    Kotlin 1 12

  4. authgear-sdk-ios authgear-sdk-ios Public

    Authgear authentication SDK for iOS platforms

    Swift 2 12

  5. authgear-sdk-flutter authgear-sdk-flutter Public

    Authgear authentication SDK for Flutter

    Dart 2 9


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