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bitrise plugin

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Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-bitrise, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin bitrise

About bitrise

This plugin allow you to trigger a specific Bitrise workflow with some arguments with a HTTPS POST request on the API.

It also allow you to override some environments variables.

It can help you to automatically trigger a build after a bump commit for instance without have to log into


Option Description Type Requirement Environment Variable
app_slug Bitrise application slug, avalaible on > your app > code String Mandatory BITRISE_APP_SLUG
trigger_token Bitrise build trigger token, avalaible on > your app > code String Mandatory BITRISE_TRIGGER_TOKEN
workflow Bitrise workflow to trigger, if not specified, it'll trigger the default one String Optional BITRISE_WORKFLOW
author Desribe who triggered the build. It'll appear on the build String Optional BITRISE_AUTHOR
build_message Build message who'll appear on the build String Optional BITRISE_BUILD_MESSAGE
branch The git branch to build String Optional BITRISE_GIT_BRANCH
commit The git commit hash to build String Optional BITRISE_GIT_COMMIT
tag The git Tag to build String Optional BITRISE_GIT_TAG
environments Bitrise environments to replace, it'll override the previous environment variables specified. The Hash key has to be the environment variable key (without the $), the Hash value has to be environment variable value Hash Optional none

Return values

The bitrise plugin return a Hash containing the bitrise build informations return by the API.

Hash key Description
build_number Bitrise build number
build_url Bitrise build url

If an error is return by the API, the plugin will throw an exception.


To trigger the default workflow set on on the default git branch execute:

    app_slug: "YOUR_APP_SLUG",
    trigger_token: "YOUR_TRIGGER_TOKEN"

To trigger a build with a specific workflow, a specific git branch, display a build message, the build author and override some environments variables execute the following command:

    app_slug: "YOUR_APP_SLUG",
    trigger_token: "YOUR_TRIGGER_TOKEN",
    author: "Developer",
    branch: "release/1.3.2",
    build_message: "Deploy build version 1.3.2 build number 11 to Beta test",
    environments: {
        "BUILD_CONFIGURATION" => "Production",        # Environment variable to override during build
        "ANOTHER_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE" => "123456"    # Environment variable to override during build
    workflow: "Beta"

Run tests for this plugin

To run both the tests, and code style validation, run


To automatically fix many of the styling issues, use

rubocop -a

Issues and Feedback

For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository.


If you have trouble using plugins, check out the Plugins Troubleshooting guide.

Using fastlane Plugins

For more information about how the fastlane plugin system works, check out the Plugins documentation.

About fastlane

fastlane is the easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps. To learn more, check out


Robin Authiat, @authiat_robin

I'm available for freelance work (Fastlane Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and iOS development). Feel free to contact me 🚀