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kindlemail is a simple way of sending personal documents to your kindle, I made this simple application because I'm too lazy to faff about attaching items to emails and I prefer to use the CLI.


This has been tested on ruby 1.9.2 and has had cursory testing on 1.8.7


DISCLAIMER Users of the 3G Kindle will get charged fees for using the personal-document service so please be aware of this, otherwise just use the Kindle in a Wifi area for free transfers.


For kindlemail to work you will need three things

  • A gmail account
  • Anonymous OAUTH access to your gmail account
  • Your gmail address will need to be added to the "Your Kindle Approved E-mail List" on Amazon's "Manage Your Kindle" page

How do I get OAUTH credentials for my gmail account?

  • You will need python installed on your system
  • Follow the instructions from google located here

Why OAUTH, why can't I just put my password in?

  • I don't like the idea of storing passwords, sorry!

How to run

If you want to run kindlemail, do the following

If you want the bleeding edge, clone this repository and... rake install or if you want a released gem... gem install kindlemail

Run setup to setup kindlemail with your gmail credentials kindlemail --setup

Send a file to your Kindle! kindlemail ~/books/my_book.mobi

Your code is rubbish

I'm new to this ruby game so I'm a bit rusty on how applications are packaged up, how things are done. I wrote this application purely for my own benefit, so if it doesn't work or you don't agree with my code style or the way the application works, fork it and change it (but tell me so I can be envious of people who are inevitably better than me)

Notice 2

This is rough code and probably won't work.


kindlemail 0.2.8. Written by djhworld. https://github.com/djhworld/kindlemail

kindlemail will send items to your kindle in the simplest possible manner

Valid filetypes: -
  .doc - Microsoft Word
  .rtf - Rich Text Format
  .jpeg - JPEG image file
  .jpg - JPEG image file
  .gif - GIF image file
  .png - PNG image file
  .bmp - BMP image file
  .html - Hypertext Markup Language
  .htm - HyperText Markup Language
  .txt - Text files
  .mobi - Mobile ebooks
  .prc - Mobile ebooks
  .pdf - Portable Document Format (experimental)

Usage: -
  kindlemail [options] <filename>

Example usage: -
 kindlemail my_book.mobi

Where [options] are: -
  --kindle-address, -k <s>:   Overrides the default kindle address to send items to
               --force, -f:   Send the file regardless of whether you have sent it before
        --show-history, -s:   Show the history of files that have been sent using kindlemail
       --clear-history, -d:   Clear the history of files that have been sent using kindlemail
               --setup, -e:   Setup kindlemail
           --show-info, -i:   Show information about the way kindlemail is setup
             --version, -v:   Print version and exit
                --help, -h:   Show this message