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* API Changes
* PAPE (Provider Authentication Policy Extension) module
* Updated extension for specification draft 2
* PAPE::Request::from_success_response returns nil if PAPE
response arguments were not signed
* Added functions to generate request/response HTML forms with
auto-submission javascript
* Consumer (relying party) API:
* Server API: Auth_OpenID_OpenIDResponse::toHTML
* Removed Rails login generator
* SReg::Response::from_success_response returns nil when no signed
arguments were found
* New Features
* Fetchers now only read/request first megabyte of response
* Bug fixes
* NOT NULL constraints to tables created by ActiveRecordStore
* check_authentication requests: copy entire response, not just
signed fields. Fixes missing namespace in check_authentication
* OpenID 1 association requests no longer explicitly set
no-encryption session type
* Improved HTML parsing
* AssociationRequest::answer: include session_type in
no-encryption assoc responses
* normalize return_to URL before performing return_to verification
* OpenID::Consumer::IdResHandler.verify_discovery_results_openid1:
fall back to OpenID 1.0 type if 1.1 endpoint cannot be found
* StandardFetcher now includes a timeout setting
* Handle blank content types in
* Properly convert timestamps to ints before storing in DB, and vise