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Authoracoin Core integration/staging repository

Authoracoin (ATHR) is a sustainable cryptocurrency modeled after Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for Bitcoin. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer transactional currency designed to offer a solution to the problem posed by the exponential increase in energy consumed by Bitcoin and other proof-of-work currencies. Proof-of-work mining is environmentally unsustainable due to the electricity used by high-powered mining hardware. Authoracoin utilizes an energy efficient proof-of-stake algorithm, can be mined on any computer, and will never require specialized mining equipment.

  • Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions, we call it SwiftTX.
  • Decentralized blockchain voting providing for consensus based advancement of the current Masternode technology used to secure the network and provide the above features, each Masternode is secured with a collateral of 5000 ATHR.

More information at

Coin Specs

Name Specs
Coin Type POS & MN
Masternode Collateral 50000 ATHR
Block Time 60 Seconds
Maturation Time 30 Blocks
Min Stake Age 1 hour
Max Coin Supply 100M ATHR
Premine 175000 ATHR