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node-authy Dependency Status

Authy API Client for node.js



npm install authy

When in doubt check out the official Authy API docs

Require all the things

var authy = require('authy')('APIKEY');

Register New User

register_user(email, cellphone, [country_code], [send_install_link_via_sms], callback);

authy.register_user('', '509-555-1212', function (err, res) {
    // res = {user: {id: 1337}} where 1337 = ID given to use, store this someplace

If not given, country_code defaults to "1" and send_install_link_via_sms defaults to true.

Verify Token

verify(id, token, [force], callback);

authy.verify('1337', '0000000', function (err, res) {


Verify One Touch

verify_one_touch(uuid, callback)

authy.verify_one_touch(uuid, function(err, response) {
    if (err) {

    var status = response.approval_request.status;

Request SMS

request_sms(id, [force], callback);

authy.request_sms('1337', function (err, res) {


Request OneTouch

request_one_touch(id, message, [details], [hidden_details], [logos], [seconds_to_expire], callback)

authy.request_one_touch('1337', 'Please approve this request', function(err, res) {


details and hidden_details are dictionaries. Basically

    var details = {};
    details["E-Mail"] = ""

Request Call (Email to enable this feature)

request_call(id, [force], callback);

authy.request_call('1337', function (err, res) {


Delete Registered User

delete_user(id, callback);

authy.delete_user('1337', function (err, res) {


Get Registered User Status

user_status(id, callback);

authy.user_status('1337', function (err, res) {


Start Phone Verification

phones().verification_start(phone_number, country_code, via, callback);

authy.phones().verification_start('111-111-1111', '1', 'sms', function(err, res) {


Check Phone Verification

phones().verification_check(phone_number, country_code, verification_code, callback);

authy.phones().verification_check('111-111-1111', '1', '0000', function (err, res) {


Get Phone Info

phones().info(phone_number, country_code, callback);

authy.phones().info('111-111-1111', '1', function (err, res) {


Additional Contributors

Daniel Barnes