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R scripts used in this analysis
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The scripts provided here have been used to conduct a methylome-wide association study of autistic traits in 701 8-year olds. Autistic traits were measured using SCDC scores in the ARIES cohort. In addition, we also conducted enrichment analysis to investigate enrichment with GWAS signals.

Methylation data was provided by ALSPAC, after data request.

Summary data:

Autism GWAS (iPSYCH-PGC meta-analysis) can be downloaded here:

Alzhiemer's GWAS dataset can be download here:

mQTL maps from cord blood can be download here:

The scripts to run regressions in R are provided in EWAS_regressions_github.R

The scripts to run enrichment in R are provided in EWAS_enrichment_github.R

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