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eager macro-expansion failure #180

jlhuang opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I am using auto-complete with emacs 24.2 and it gets this error message:

(popup-cursor ac-menu) is not a valid place expression

I don't know why. it works fine with emacs 24.1when I didn't upgrade emacs.

looking forward to your answer.


Can you attach a test case? I have never seen this problem.


I am sorry that I don't know how to make a test case, but I use the M-x load-file to load the auto-complete.el file, and
it still gets the error message.
Eager macro-expansion failure: (error "(popup-cursor ac-menu) is not a valid place expression")
can you tell me how to make a test case so that I can describe the problem appropriately?


Try it with clean Emacs, like this emacs -Q -L POPUP_PATH -L AC_PATH -l AC_PATH/auto-complete.el where POPUP_PATH and AC_PATH are your directories for popup.el and auto-complete.el. Can you reproduce it with clean Emacs?

Also, try it after removing *.elc files (or recompile). It seems from 24.2, defstruct turns accessors into inline macros. Maybe this causes the problem.


the problem is solved by removing all the *.elc files from popup and ac directories.
thank you very much!

@monsanto monsanto closed this

Uninstalling ('d' in the pacakge list) and re-installing ('i' in the package list) the auto-complete package worked for me. That way, the auto-complete can run with compiled lisp. I think the problem was that earlier, I had installed under Emacs 23.x, instead of Emacs 24.x.

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