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Fix problem that the same words are deleted even if they are from different sources. #247

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Currently candidates which have the same string are deleted by the delete-dups function even if they are from different sources. I think candidates from different sources should be handled separately and each of them should be shown on popup menu. If the fix is valid, please merge it.


Can the current maintainers examine and comment on this patch?
I also don't like the forced delete-dups call as this could cut off valid overloads in e.g. C++

void foo(int x)
void foo(double x)

each whose format in the candidates list looks like: #(foo) 'some-prop "void foo(..."

I think this patch accomplishes what the original author intended without its current restrictions.

@syohex syohex merged commit e8fcf96 into from

@namikister @terranpro Sorry very too late reply. Thanks for nice patch.


@namikister @terranpro Sorry I reverted this commit. This patch makes auto-complete
slowly. We should implement this feature by elegant way.


@syohex Thank you for your support. I will wait for your new implementation.

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Commits on Aug 5, 2013
  1. @namikister
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  1. +1 −1  auto-complete.el
2  auto-complete.el
@@ -1049,7 +1049,7 @@ You can not use it in source definition like (prefix . `NAME')."
append (ac-candidates-1 source) into candidates
finally return
- (delete-dups candidates)
+ (setq candidates (delete-duplicates candidates :test #'equal-including-properties))
(if (and ac-use-comphist ac-comphist)
(if ac-show-menu
(let* ((pair (ac-comphist-sort ac-comphist candidates prefix-len ac-comphist-threshold))
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