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Everything you need to know to publish using LaTeX or Word.
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2019 AutomotiveUI Document Formats

This repository is a fork of the official source for SIGCHI templates for Word and LaTeX. It contains the templates for the Automotive User Interfaces conference (AutomotiveUI). If you are just looking to [download the templates][download], please see [the download page][download].

Paper Formats

AutomotiveUI uses two different formats for most submissions: Proceedings Format and Extended Abstract Format. Please note that changing the leading, changing the tracking, adding small fonts for references, and other sizing tricks are strictly prohibited.

Proceedings Format

These templates should be used for submitting Papers and Doctoral Colloquium.

Extended Abstracts Format

These template should be used for submitting Work-in-Progress, Workshops and Tutorials, Videos, Interactive Demos.

LaTeX Notes

Note, there is one directory for both the Proceedings format and the Extended Abstract format. To use the Proceedings format, used \documentclass[sigchi]{acmart}. To use the Extended Abstract Format, use \documentclass[sigchi-a]{acmart}

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