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Please Read: Important note about upgrading from previous versions with RetroBoot 0.9 installed manually

The non RetroBoot enabled packages (full, ntscU, palE, ntscJ) contain a startup script that is not compatible with RetroBoot 0.9. If RetroBoot 0.9 was previously installed manually on your build and you see issues running RetroArch please update one file on your build to fix the loader:

RetroBoot startup script

Replace the file in /Autobleem/rc with the version downloaded from this link

Current version 0.7.1 Ultimate please update your installations HERE

Please read this page before downloading AutoBleem USB compatibility FAQ

For installation tutorial look on YouTube videos on channels: Patton Plays, Restalgia, Madlittlepixel and others.

Join our discord server for support:

NOTE: You do not need to uninstall BleemSync 0.4/0.7/1.0/1.0.1 from your console prior to use AutoBleem. Prepare new USB stick with AutoBleem and it will work as expected.

NOTE: If you already installed BleemSync 1.1 firmware in your PSC AutoBleem can be booted from rear USB port using an OTG cable.


AutoBleem is a tool to make your PlayStation Classic more useful. It is relatively safe way to add games , change look and feel, change advanced configuration of your mini console.

Why this project

This is my personal project not related to BleemSync. I started it at the day when lolhack was published. The idea was to create "something easier to use" than lolhack/gpghax. Soon BleemSync was released, but I was not fully happy how it worked at that time, so I continued to develop AutoBleem as an alternative/(initially an extension for BleemSync). As BleemSync changed over that time drastically I decided to continue working on AutoBleem as a separate alternative mod for PSC.

If you want some new feature, or you find a bug please raise the issue here, or contact us on Discord.

Is it stable and is it safe to use ?

Version 0.7.0 is stable enough :) We do not call it beta, as some people are really scared about it... Do not be afraid ... its fully safe to use and will not brick your PSC as it does not write anything to internal storage in the console.

If you found an issue - report it using "Issues" section on this website or better contact us directly on Discord.

NOTE: You do not need to uninstall BleemSync 1.0/1.1 if it was already installed

NOTE: This tool is made to use only with legal licensed games. The whole project does not use any licensed source code, also it does not alter any of the Sony files inside the mini console, it just uses what is already there and not alter it in any way.


  1. Replaces Bleemsync, Bootmenu and SonyUI fully for better experience
  2. Integrated functionality to share memory cards between games
  3. Separates games and it's save states into separate folders
  4. AutoBleem does not need to run anything on the PC. Just copy games to usb dongle and plug it in.
  5. Does not use any internet or usb connection
  6. Modifies or replaces (selectable in options) the stock UI to show added games
  7. Uses GAME NAMES as folders instead of numbered folders
  8. Can create game folders automatically
  9. Supports multi-disc games
  10. Includes offline metadata and cover art databases - no download needed during sync
  11. Runs on boot of the PlayStation Classic as it was designed to do so from the beginning
  12. Speaks your language
  13. Makes your PlayStation Classic a great device
  14. Starting with v0.6.0b3+ includes prebuild distribution of RetroBoot by genderbent - RetroBoot is a PSC tailored distribution of RetroArch - an open source emulator that can emulate other consoles and makes you able to play more and more games. The package is provided by RetroBoot developers.
  15. Integrates RetroBoot to run PS1 and other console games directly from EvoUI
  16. Integrated Memory Card Manager/Editor


  1. Download the ZIP file from the release page HERE - you can select one of the packages
  • autobleem-0.7.x-full - contains all covers for any region
  • autobleem-0.7.x-ntscU/palE/ntscJ - contains only covers for selected region
  • autobleem-0.7.x-clean - no cover databases (have to be installed manually)
  • autobleem-0.7.x-RetroBoot - a version based on full package but also including RetroBoot preinstalled (Only this version can use full RetroArch integration)
  1. Extract the contents to the root of your FAT32(recommended) or ext4 formatted USB flash drive
  2. Name your flash drive SONY. This is a requirement.
  3. If you decided to use clean installer - download Cover Repository databases (three separate files for NTSC-U, PAL and NTSC-J)
  4. Copy Cover Repository databases into /{Your USB}/Autobleem/bin/db not needed if you downloaded full or region packages
  5. You may want to install additional themes ... find them on reddit/ and copy to themes folder (follow folder structure)

Automatic Game scanning

To allow AutoBleem to scan your games they need to be inserted into the /Games folder. Just take your game folder and drop it there. As soon there is .bin file inside this folder AutoBleem will try to generate all other needed files for you on console boot. So structure can be as follows:

     Resident Evil 2 Leon/
           Resident Evil.bin
     Silent Hill/
            Silent Hill.cue
            Silent Hill.bin

This version can also create those folders for you if you drop them directly to Game folder, but it is based on an assumption that game image files are correct (especially CUE files) and some games may not be added this way.

There are databases attached to this file with all covers and metadata. Also AutoBleem will create folders to store your save data and configuration.

Database files

General usage of database files

The initial release package "Full version" DO contain Cover Repository databases. And this is probably everything you need to start your build. In case you want to make the installation small, download "Clean version" and then copy the databases to your USB dongle as on previous releases.

Database is split into three separate files by region. If you do not for example plan to play JAP region games, you can install just US or PAL. The reason for that split is the file size. Original cover repository in 226x226 PNG was about 1GB in size. I managed to use a lot of optimizations and finally shrink this into much smaller size, but it still is bit big for a small USB dongle.

The files are available on release page. Look for latest release for most updated databases.

REMEBER COPY DATABASE FILES TO /Autobleem/bin/db folder on USB, not any other place

Custom DB Updates

We also created a tool to dump and reload all png files in one shot. The tool is available here DOWNLOAD

There is also a tool to edit cover databases available here DOWNLOAD

Credits and links

This software uses some parts of code based on open licences:

BleemSync - some parts of bash scripts were reused from early BleemSync code. The credits go to ModMyClassic team (DoctorDalek/pathartl, compscom, Swingflip, cyanic and others).

SQLite (sqlite.c / sqlite.h) Public domain - no license

UNECM - Copyright (C) 2002 Neill Corlett (GPLv2) (unecm.c)

RetroBoot distribution of Retroarch - genderbent, cores by KMDFManic - All components of the distribution are licensed as described here:

Frequently Asked Questions

My Console Crashes / Does not load AutoBleem / I can not play games / AutoBleem goes to black screen

Get to our Discord for support.

Can I extend this project ?

Of course ... it is fully open source using GPL3.0, also if you know any C++, SQL, Java or even how to make youtube videos talk to us on our Discord and join our team.

I can not see my game

AutoBleem does scan the game folder during boot and using smart algorithm it is trying to generate all files needed to run the game, but sometimes it fails. In this case AutoBleem WILL NOT ADD THE GAME to the MENU, so if you do not see your game ... something is broken in it. The same rule is valid for other emulator cores in EvoUI

Known Issues/Limitations

  • Encrypted PBP files are not loaded by PCSX ... you can only use files created using Popstation/PSX2PSP software
  • Some games may not be properly discovered or have missing covers
  • To enable usage of shared Memory cards you need to run a game at least once before switching cards

Road Map

No roadmap here ... we develop based on community ideas only


AutoBleem - Alternative to BleemSync/BootMenu, C++ based, GameScanner and Updater for Playstation Classic





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