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Releases: autobleem/AutoBleem


25 Dec 02:00
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                                   Autobleem-0.8.5 Release Notes

**** Applications ****
Applications! Press Select until you get to the Apps selection. There are four
Applications in 0.8.5 - The Amiberry Amiga game emulator, the Doom Shareware App,
the OpenBOR (Open Beats of Rage) emulator, and Retroboot.

**** Doom ****
Doom - if you own copies of Doom you can add additional level maps by copying the
doom WAD files to the /Apps/doom directory on your USB stick.

**** OpenBor ****
OpenBOR - to add OpenBOR games copy the OpenBOR PAK files to

**** Amiberry ****
Amiberry is for advanced users and requires a bios.

KMFDManic has collaborated with screemer on optimization and performance for
OpenBOR/Amiberry Applications. KMFD will continue to collaborate in future
Releases with Screemer, Axanar, and the rest of the AutoBleem Team, to bring
forth new surprise additions! Demonstrations of both emulators, in action,
can be seen on his YouTube Channel:

Cores that run with AutoBleem and RetroBoot and his own Xtreme AB Injector
are also provided by KMFD. You are welcome to ping him in our Discord, as
well as refer to his Release Page for any troubleshooting. Genderbent and
KMFD also collaborate on the harmonious union of RetroArch and the Cores.
Again, feel free to ping any of them, if you need any direct assistance!

Note 1: OpenBOR simply requires you place .paks within the
Apps/openbor/OpenBOR/Paks Folder. ONE single Pak will auto load. Multiple
will prompt a pull down list. On KMFD's Google Drive Link, you can refresh
and check back in Xtras/Games/OpenBOR for some nifty surprises to peruse
with said Emulator! More Games will be added, including a special Xmas Bonus
Game, specifically fixed up to work on the Mini Classics, courtesy of the
debugging, troubleshooting, collaboration of Douglas Baldan and KMFDManic.

Note 2: Amiberry is a very advanced Emulator (BIOS Required!), of which KMFD
will be doing a Video Tutorial on, to help you get going on!

**** Select Screen Changes ****
The multiple select button screens have been reduced to three select states.

  1. PS1 Games, 2) Retroarch games, 3) Applications. When the PS1 Game carousel
    is selected L2 + Select will display a menu of PS1 categories to choose from.
    If "Show Internal Games" is enabled in the UI Options then the categories are
    "All Games", Internal Games, "USB Game Directory, and "Favorites". If
    Favorites is selected, internal games are included in the favorites list. If
    "Show Internal Games" is off in the UI Options then the categories are "Game
    Directory, and "Favorites". If Favorites is selected, internal games are
    not included in the favorites list. The Favorites selection is at the end
    of the menu (like they are in the Retroarch playlist).

**** Retroarch History ****
The Retroarch playlist menu now includes the Retroarch History playlist.
The Favorites and History playlist selections are at the end of the playlist
menu. When the Retroarch carousel is displayed pressing L2 + Select brings
up the playlist selection menu.

Autobleem support channel on Discord:
Restalgia demo video of 0.8.5:


09 Dec 01:10
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                                   Autobleem-0.8.1 Release Notes

Fixes two problems in 0.8.0.

  1. Fixes a crash when you start Evo UI if the /Games directory is empty.

  2. Fixes always forcing a rescan if there are games that failed the verify
    step and were removed from the game list display.

In addition Autobleem now splashes a message on screen if a game fails the verify.
The reason or reasons the game failed to verify are also output to

If you already have 0.8.0 installed (with or without the themes bundle), you only need the Update zip. Just copy the update contents to your USB stick. 0.8.1 is the full zip including Retroboot 0.10.0. The 0.8.1 + themes bundle is the full 0.8.1 plus the Consolidated Themes Collection in /Themes.


29 Nov 06:41
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                                   Autobleem-0.8.0 Release Notes

USB Games sub-directories

Games can be organized into a directory hierarchy under /Games. For example, you can organize your sports games under /Games/Sports and you can further organize your sports games into /Games/Sports/Baseball, /Games/Sports/Football, /Games/Sports/Soccer, etc.

You can select the /Games sub-directory you wish to view by pressing the L2 + Select buttons while viewing the game sub-dir carousel. When you select a game directory you will see all the games in that directory plus all the games in it's sub-directories. Using the example above if you select /Games/Sports/Football you will see only football games. If you select /Games/Sports you will see ALL sports games (any games in /Games/Sports itself plus all the games in the Sports sub-directories combined).

If you have duplicate games in more than one sub-directory you will only see one of those games in the carousel. Autobleem will display the game that is in the highest level directory. So if you have the same football game in /Games/Sports and in /Games/Sports/Football the game shown in the carousel will be the game in /Games/Sports.

Four text files are generated during the scan for additional user information. They are found in the directory Autobleem/bin/autobleem

The list of games in each /Games directory of your USB drive. This list is before invalid games are removed and before duplicate games are removed from the carousel display list.

The list of remaining games that will be displayed in the carousel after removing duplicate games.

The list of duplicate games.

Invalid games that are removed from the carousel lists.

Press L2 + Select to change the directory you wish to view in the carousel. You can only change the directory when the USB Game Directory carousel display is up. (Similarly, Press L2 + Select to change the Retroarch game system playlist when the Retroarch carousel display is up.)

Consolidated Themes

The data for a theme is no longer split between /Autobleem/bin/autobleem/theme and /Themes. All theme data for a theme is contained in one directory under /Themes. This will make it easier both for theme creators and for users to add a new theme. You only have one directory to drag and drop the theme to: /Themes. Axanar will release a collection of themes with all the theme data merged into /Themes. Simply drag and drop the themes you want into /Themes.

Since the files for a theme only need to copied to one directory (/Themes) there is only one options menu item needed to change themes.

Deleting a game

You can now delete a game from within the game manager menu. If the game is the last copy of the game on the USB Autobleem will ask you if you also wish to delete the !SaveStates for that game.

Internal game favorites

Internal games can now be set as a favorite and will show up in the Favorites carousel. The internal favorite data is contained in /System/Databases/internal.db if you wish to save or copy your internal favorites to another USB.

Retroarch favorites

Retroarch favorites are now listed as a RA playlist at the bottom of the RA playlist menu. You can select the Favorites playlist to see only your RA favorite games in the game carousel. RA games are set as a favorite in Retroarch not in the Autobleem UI.

Retroboot 0.10.1

Autobleem 0.8.0 has Retroboot 0.10.1 for Autobleem pre-installed.

AutoBleem 0.7.1 Ultimate

09 Dec 05:29
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Reupload of 0.7.1 Release

-Ability to run games from RetroArch
-Full RetroBoot integration for other console emulation

AutoBleem 0.7.0 Ultimate

09 Dec 05:33
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Initial 0.7.0 release -deprecated - use 0.7.1 bugifx

AutoBleem v0.6.0-beta2

09 Dec 06:04
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AutoBleem 0.6.0-Beta3

09 Dec 05:53
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Introducing EvolutionUI

  • New GUI developed to replace Sony internal game selector
  • Bugfixes

Beta 3

AutoBleem 0.4.0

09 Dec 05:41
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AutoBleem 0.3.1

09 Dec 05:39
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Missing release from github

AutoBleem 0.1b

09 Dec 04:19
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Reupload of first stable release

First "stable" release of Autobleem - reupload as gone from github
Needs cover.db with old structure - please use covedbs from 0.5 or older