An open-source Maya plugin for controlling Industrial Robots. Written in Python 2.7.
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What is Mimic?

An open-source Autodesk Maya plugin for controlling Industrial Robots.

Mimic is a free and open-source plugin for Autodesk Maya that enables simulation, programming, and control of 6-axis, Industrial Robots. Use Mimic to generate programs without writing any code, or extend Mimic to suit your project's needs. Written in Python 2.7.


Download the latest release and copy the contents of it to one of the following directories, depending on your operating system:

macOS   ~/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/modules
Windows ~/Documents/maya/modules

If you're running Windows, you must install NumPy manually for Mimic's Analysis module to run properly. Download NumPy for Windows from the releases page and place the unzipped numpy root folder in the scripts/extern directory. note: macOS comes with NumPy pre-installed, so if you're using a Mac, you do not have to install NumPy manually

When you're done, open Maya, click on the Mimic shelf tab, and click on the Mimic icon; that's it!

Installation tips:

  • If the modules directory above does not exist, create it.
  • If you're using Maya 2017 update 3 or earlier, you must manually load the Mimic shelf.
  • If you're running Windows and downloaded a release and/or rigs archive, confirm that it isn't "blocked" before unzipping and installing it (right click the archive, select Properties, check Unblock if necessary).
  • If you cloned this repository, download the latest robot rigs from releases. Replace the directory mimic/rigs with the unzipped rigs folder.
  • See troubleshooting if you have trouble using or installing Mimic.

You can find tutorials, videos, and other media on our website and textual documentation in docs.

Currently supported robots

Let us know if what you need isn't listed and we'll try to help! (contact info provided below)

Mimic currently supports the following robots (see rigs):

|-- ABB
    |-- IRB 120-3-58
    |-- IRB 1600-6-145
    |-- IRB 1600-10-145
    |-- IRB 4400-45-196
    |-- IRB 4400-60-196
    |-- IRB 4600-40-255
    |-- IRB 6640-180-255
    |-- IRB 6640-235-255
    |-- IRB 6700-150-320
    |-- IRB 6700-205-280
    |-- IRB 6700-245-300
|-- KUKA
    |-- KL 100 6125
    |-- KL 1500-3 6000
    |-- KR 5 R1400
    |-- KR 5-arc
    |-- KR 6 R900 sixx
    |-- KR 10 R900 sixx
    |-- KR 10 R1100 sixx
    |-- KR 10 R1420
    |-- KR 16 L6-2
    |-- KR 16 R2010
    |-- KR 16-arc HW
    |-- KR 60-3
    |-- KR 120 R2700 HA
    |-- KR 150 R3100 Prime
    |-- KR 150-2
    |-- KR 200 L140-2
    |-- KR 210 R3100
    |-- KR 210-2
    |-- KR 500-2
    |-- KR 500-2 RC
    |-- KR 600 R2830
    |-- KR 1000 TITAN
|-- Staubli
    |-- RX160
    |-- RX160L
    |-- TX40
    |-- TX60
    |-- TX60L
    |-- TX90
    |-- TX90L

* post processor not yet supported

Mimic currently supports the following post processors (see postproc):

|-- ABB
    |-- RAPID
|-- KUKA
    |-- EntertainTech *
    |-- KRL

* external installation option required

Join the community!

Help us out and contribute to this repository! You may submit an issue or open a pull request for any bugs or improvements to this software. See CONTRIBUTING for programming guidelines.

Join the our slack channel! You may also contact us at

Mimic was born at the Autodesk Robotics Lab 2018. It is now developed and contributed to by a community of animators, designers, engineers, architects, programmers, and more. See AUTHORS for details.


Mimic is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


  • Be careful out there! Mimic is not a safety certified monitoring tool. Users of this software are responsible for safe robot programming and operation.
  • Developed to work with Autodesk Maya 2016, Autodesk Maya 2017, and Autodesk Maya 2018; Mimic may or may not be compatible with other versions.
  • Developed to work with macOS and Windows; Maya is not compatible with other operating systems but most of the Mimic backend is.
  • Do not modify names or hierarchies within robot rigs!
  • Use Maya's default units: Centimeters, Degrees
  • Use Maya's default coordinate system where the Y-axis points up.
  • Note this repository does not include robot rigs; download the latest release to access the latest rigs.