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AutoKey, a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11, formerly hosted on Google, has been updated to run on Python 3.

Important: This is an X11 application and, as such, will not function correctly when Wayland is in use instead of Xorg.


Important: Please remove previous installations of AutoKey fully before installing!

For detailed installation instructions, please visit the Installing page in our wiki.


AutoKey documentation is available here and, for versions prior to 0.96.0, here. Example code and explanations for how AutoKey works can be found in our wiki and, in particular, on the Features and Example Scripts pages. Additional information can be found by searching Stack Overflow and GitHub.


Please do not request support on the issue tracker. Instead, head over to the autokey-users Google Groups forum, Gitter web-based chat, on IRC (#autokey on Libera.Chat), or Stack Overflow.

We'd appreciate it if you take a look at our Troubleshooting wiki page before posting. You'll be more likely to get a good answer quickly by providing as much information as you can.

Bug reports

Bug reports are welcome. Please use the GitHub Issue Tracker to report bugs. When reporting a suspected bug, please make sure to include as much information as possible to expedite troubleshooting and resolution.

Here are some possible examples of the types of information you might need to provide:

  • Details on how to reproduce the issue you are experiencing are always helpful.
  • An AutoKey error message is helpful when something is wrong with your AutoKey script.
  • An AutoKey traceback is helpful when AutoKey runs without crashing, a trigger was used, and the expected event either didn't occur or something other than the expected result occurred.
  • A Python traceback is helpful when something is wrong with your AutoKey script, causing an exception to be shown in your AutoKey error message.

If you're not sure your issue is a bug or you'd like help with reporting it, you can post about it first on one of the platforms used by our community and we'll assist you.

Contributing or modifying the source

Pull requests are welcome from anyone who would like to modify or contribute to the source code. Useful tips for working with and testing the code can be found in the CONTRIBUTORS.rst file. AutoKey also participates in CodeTriage, where members can sign up to receive a periodic email with a link to an open AutoKey issue that needs help.


Our changelog is the best source of information for what's new and fixed in each release.


AutoKey uses the GNU GPL v3. See the LICENSE file for a plain text copy of the license.