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Building an event-sourced financial platform - UoG 3rd Yr Team Project consisting of Connor Jardine, David Wood, Frank Bojen, Naji Shehab and Patrick Menlove.
  • Glasgow, Scotland

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  1. Central hub for project documentation and specifications, including final dissertation produced as coursework.

    TeX 1

  2. core Archived

    Autokrator application for Team Project 3 course at the University of Glasgow.


  3. backend Archived

    UI Backend (or BfaF/Backend-for-a-frontend) acts as a gateway between the user interface and the microservices, providing a unified API for interacting with the core services.

    Python 1

  4. React-based frontend for the financial platform, works with the BfaF to provide a user-friendly live interface to accounts, balances and transactions.

    JavaScript 1

  5. demo Archived

    Full financial platform orchestration and management for use in presenting demos.



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