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Auto Load Next Post Documentation

General Overview

Auto Load Next Post is a WordPress plugin developed to increase your pageviews by engaging the site viewers to keep reading your content.

Each post is automatically loaded via Ajax once it can identify the next post to load via a post navigation, which is normally at the bottom of a single post.

In order for Auto Load Next Post to achive this, you need to complete up to 4 steps that you may or may not be needed depending on the WordPress theme. If your active theme was built using a starter theme called _s or underscores, if you like, then you may find that you do NOT need to do anything.

To confirm this, once activated the plugin, visit any single post and scroll down to see if the next post loads.

If not, then you will need to start with step 1, the theme selectors.

Most themes may only need the first step to be completed and only need to change one or two of the theme selectors that are set by default.

Steps 2 and 3 maybe required depending on your theme directory and template structure.

  1. Theme Selectors
  2. Repeater Template
  3. Post Navigation
  4. Hiding Comments

If you have any issues with this guide, or the documentation that is linked throughout, please open a new issue in this repository for it to be reviewed. Thank you!

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