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Auto Load Next Post Documentation

Possible Theme Selectors

This is a collection of theme selectors that I have found among the many themes tested with Auto Load Next Post. You can use the tables below to check against when looking for your themes theme selectors.

✏️ Note: The first selector per table is commonly used in most newer themes and themes that follow WordPress code standards.

If you find a theme selector that is not yet listed, please open a new issue in this repository to report it. Thank you!

Content Container

Selector Commonly Used Yes
main#main Yes No
div#main No Yes
div.content-container No
div#content Yes

Post Title

✏️ Note: It's very rare that I find a theme that does not have the post title with a .class or #id applied. If the theme you find is missing either. I urge you to contact the theme developer to add one.

Selector Commonly Used
h1.entry-title Yes No No
h1.title-single No

Post Navigation

Selector Commonly Used Yes
nav.navigation-post No
nav.navigation No
div.navigation No
nav#nav-below Yes
#nav-single No No
nav.prev-next-nav No

Comments Container

Selector Commonly Used
div#comments Yes
section#comments Yes

If you have any issues with this guide, or the documentation that is linked throughout, please open a new issue in this repository for it to be reviewed. Thank you!

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