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Auto Load Next Post Documentation

Repeater Template

Auto Load Next Post uses a templating system referred to as a Repeater Template to manage the front-end display of your Ajax loaded content.

The repeater template is a file that will execute over and over to display post content within ALNP loop. This template will look for and load the appropiate template files according to your theme using core WordPress functions such as locate_template() and get_template_part() to load in the content.

However, should the default repeater template not be suited to your theme structure, it can be overridden by copying it from the plugin directory wp-content/plugins/auto-load-next-post/template/content-alnp.php to wp-content/themes/yourtheme/auto-load-next-post/content-alnp.php

  1. Create an auto-load-next-post directory in the root of your current theme folder.
  2. Copy and paste content-alnp.php in the newly created auto-load-next-post directory.
  3. Update the new content-alnp.php file however you wish. It will not be overwritten when the plugin is updated.

When making the modifications to your repeater template file, make sure it matches your theme structure and loads the content for a single post. The same if you were supporting a child-theme.

✏️ Note: Overriding the repeater template is not always required. You may find that just using the alnp_template_location filter is all that you need to support Auto Load Next Post in your theme.

In the default repeater template there are action hooks that can be used to display before and after the loop and content.

If you have any issues with this guide, or the documentation that is linked throughout, please open a new issue in this repository for it to be reviewed. Thank you!