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Supported Themes

The themes listed below are themes that work out of the box either supported directly within the plugin or supported within the theme.

ℹ️ FWY: This list does not define which themes are supported only. This list is updated with themes that I am aware of being supported.

If you have a theme that you created and added support for Auto Load Next Post, please let me know so that I can add it to the list or open a new issue to let me know that way if you have a GitHub account.

You can also if you want provide a discount code or a link that automatically applies your offer to checkout for your theme.

Theme Product Link Discount
CoBlocks -
Make -
Storefront -
Sydney -
Tabor Apply Coupon
Twenty Ten -
Twenty Eleven -
Twenty Twelve -
Twenty Thirteen -
Twenty Fourteen -
Twenty Fifteen -
Twenty Sixteen -
Twenty Seventeen -
Twenty Nineteen -
Understrap -
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