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System Architecture v1.0


The present document describes the first version of the AutomaCoin system, from now, v1.0.

The purpose of this system is to explore the Turing Machine space (of different types, differing in number of states, symbols and, dimensions). This exploration will help us to know which TMs halt, and their outputs. These outputs will help us building increasingly accurate estimations of the universal distribution.

The scope of this project on its first version is constrained to understand the challenges of distributing these tasks over a number of clients, enabling them to be awarded in a currency we are calling AutomaCoin.

This is a multi service architecture, each service communicating to each other via JSON API. There is a huge size Database of Turing Machines of certain features, containing user accounts and obtained string frequencies by TM space, alongside indexes sorting and grouping them. It will be the task of a Pool manager to determine which set of combinations of TMs will be processed upon the request of a Client. Finished the computations of the Client, the Pool manager will receive the set of TMs, store the results into the Database and assign an AutomaCoin reward to the Client. The latter, as well as any other user, can verify the space of TMs solved, the awards given and other data to a Web site feeding from the Database.

Bigger challenges in this iteration:

  • Arrive to a satisfactory resolution and Protocol for the following items:
    • Verification of solved computation sets.
    • Ability to Challenge solved computation sets.
    • Awarding of AutomaCoin tokens.
    • Storage Categories for the clients and subsequent Distribution of the database.
  • Have discussions on how to build a ledger that leverages over this system.
  • Face total decentralization of the system in the future, and roadmap accordingly.

Table of Contents