Sketch App Typography Plugin for working with font metrics, aligning text-layers and building typographic systems.
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Compatible with Sketch 43.1

This plugin eases working with typography in Sketch. It enables displaying font metrics, aligning text-layers to text-layers or other layers relative to baseline, x-height and cap-height. Baseline grid reference layers can be extracted from text-layers or build with custom configurations. Text-layers can be split into several columns with specific gutter widths.


1. Create Font Metrics
2. Align Text
3. Create Baseline Layer
4. Count Characters Per Line
5. Columnize

1. Create Font Metrics

Font Metric

Extracts font metrics from text layer fonts. Creates a reference layer displaying the fonts baseline, ascent, descent, x-height and cap-height as well as the default line-height relative to the font-size used ( blue ). Furthermore the x-height and cap-height center get displayed ( red ). Metrics get extracted for the first line of a text layer. width equals text-layer width.

2. Align Text

Align text Align text

Aligns selected text-layers and non-text-layers. Alignment is based on a metric reference, e.g. centering all layers on a shared baseline or aligning all layers at the x-height top.

Option Description
Reference The reference metric to be used. (Baseline,X-Height,Cap-Height)
Reference Alignment Alignment to the reference. (e.g. to x-height center or top)
Layer Alignment Alignment of text-layers and non-text-layers
Pixel Precision Precision of resulting layer y position px

3. Create Baseline Layer

Baseline Layer Baseline Layer Baseline Layer

Creates a baseline reference layer either from text-layers or from configuration.

Option Description
Layer Width The width of the baseline layer ('auto' on text-layers sets width to text-layer width)
Line Height The line height ('auto' on text-layers sets line-height to text-layer line-height )
Num Lines The number of lines to display ('auto' on text-layers sets number of lines relative to text-layer height)
½ Step If enabled an additional guide displaying half the line-height will be added
Shared Style Choose a custom styling via shared styles

4. Count Characters Per Line

Counts characters of all lines within a text layer. Shows the minimum and maximum amount of characters, the line indices for both values as well as the total amount of characters.

5. Columnize


Splits a text-layer into multiple columns. Number of columns, gutter width and column height can be specified.

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