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A collection of code examples for Eva using the official Python3 SDK.
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Eva Examples

A collection of example code for Eva. Included examples are Automata written, using the official Python3 SDK, and live in this repository. Community Examples are written by the Automata developer community, please let us know if you would like to add your own!

Included Examples

  • Machine Vision With Object Pickup: shows how to interface a camera (Datalogic T47) with the Eva Python SDK for dynamically moving Eva to an object detected by the camera and picking it up.
  • Machine Vision: interface a machine vision camera with the Eva Python SDK for dynamically moving Eva to a object detected by the camera.
  • 2D Grid: define a custom 2D grid where Eva can iterate through each grid position, i.e. for palletisation and depalletisation.

Community Examples

If you have any repositories that you would like to add please get in touch or open a pull request.

Please note, community examples are not officially supported by Automata.

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