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Python 3 SDK for interacting with the Eva robot arm
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Eva Python SDK

The eva_python_sdk provides convenient access to the Automata Eva API from applications written in Python 3.

* This SDK is currently in beta, any breaking changes during development will be comunicated via changelog


Using pipenv

$ pipenv install git+


The Eva object allows you to directly control an Eva robot. It provides lots of useful helper function for interacting with the robot.



host = '<your_eva_IP_here>'
token = '<your_token_here>'

eva = Eva(host, token)

GoTo movement

eva = Eva(host_ip, token)

with eva.lock():
    eva.control_go_to([0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0])

Toolpath create and run

toolpath = {
        "analog_modes":{ "i0":"voltage", "i1":"voltage", "o0":"voltage", "o1":"voltage" }
        { "joints":[-0.68147224, 0.3648368, -1.0703622, 9.354615e-05, -2.4358354, -0.6813218], "label_id":3 },
        { "joints":[-0.6350288, 0.25192022, -1.0664424, 0.030407501, -2.2955494, -0.615318], "label_id":2 },
        { "joints":[-0.13414459, 0.5361486, -1.280493, -6.992453e-08, -2.3972468, -0.13414553], "label_id":1 },
        { "joints":[-0.4103904, 0.33332264, -1.5417944, -5.380291e-06, -1.9328799, -0.41031334], "label_id":4 }
        { "type":"home", "waypoint_id":2 },
        { "type":"trajectory", "trajectory":"joint_space", "waypoint_id":1 },
        { "type":"trajectory", "trajectory":"joint_space", "waypoint_id":0 },
        { "type":"trajectory", "trajectory":"joint_space", "waypoint_id":2 }

eva = Eva(host, token)

with eva.lock():

Please refer to the examples directory for more SDK usage examples.

automata.eva_http and automata.eva_ws

These can be used to interact directly with the HTTP and Websocket APIs. Useful when you don't want the managed websocket connection provided by the automata.Eva object.


The SDK uses Debug and Error level logging exclusively. Each Eva instance will log using the name automata.Eva:<host_name_here>. If you wish to enable the debug logging:


Bugs and feature requests

Please raise any bugs or feature requests as a Github issues. We also gratefully accept pull requests for features and bug fixes.


This code is free to use under the terms of the Apache 2 license. Please refer to LICENSE for more information.

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