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A Vagrant box demoing Graphite and Statsd
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Seattle DevOps Graphite and StatsD Demo

This repo is meant to accompany a demo of how to use Vagrant and Chef to build an Linux server running Graphite and StatsD.

The demo was given at the Seattle DevOps meetup on July 31st, 2012 at OpsCode headquarters in downtown Seattle.


Install Pre-Requisites

  1. Install Oracle Virtual Box
  2. Install Vagrant

Clone This Repo

$ git clone

Start the VM and Install Graphite and StatsD

$ cd graphite-demo
$ vagrant up

See Graphite in action!

Navigate to http://localhost:18080 and you should see the Graphite front-end

How do I push data to StatsD/Graphite?


Further Reading

  1. Etsy blog post on StatsD
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