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= AutomateIt's todo list
=== Software
* Interpreter -- "def" in recipes isn't visible, why?
* ShellManager -- #ln_s of a directory source to a specific non-subdirectory name creates a link
* AccountManager::NSCD -- Uses "ps -ef", needs abstraction, create and use ProcessManager?
* AccountManager -- Solaris fails 5% of the time on the last spec. WTF?
* AccountManager -- OpenBSD stalls if it thinks a password's quality sucks. What to do?
* AccountManager -- OpenBSD fails "should add groups to a user" and "should add users to group".
Needs improvement
* Interpreter -- #unique_methods should use :symbols
* Interpreter#invoke and HelpfulERB -- Extract error context code into separate, reusable classes
* FieldManager -- Wrap #lookup("my#deep#non-existent#path") with friendly exceptions
* TagManager -- Wrap YAML and ERB errors using friendly exceptions
* ServiceManager -- Write tests for start_and_enable and such
* Shell -- Expand glob patterns, e.g. chown_R(500, 500, "*")
* Edit -- Display summary of edits, return with :details as [rv, list]
* Shell#chperm -- With symbolic mode, wrap `chmod -v` as temporary workaround?
* Shell#chperm -- Accept varargs as argument, not just string or array
* ServiceManager -- Create new #stop_and_start, and add new #restart as #tell wrapper
* PackageManager -- Improve PEAR spec by having it check files with and without channel URL
Needs redesign
* PackageManager -- How to specify command to use? E.g. 'gem1.8', 'python2.5.1' and '/usr/local/bin/perl'. Generalize CPAN driver's approach?
* PackageManager -- What's a reasonable way to leave out the ':with' option when using a hash argument to install? E.g., sudo ai -e "package_manager.install({'swiftfox-prescott' => '/tmp/swiftfox_3.0b3pre-1_prescott.deb'}, :with => :dpkg)"
* Shell -- Consistently return single items or arrays, alter specs to match
* Driver -- How to determine if a manager or driver method is available? Manager#available?, Manager#available and Driver#suitable? only say if it should be a default.
New features
* ScheduleManager -- Design, or write wrapper for RubyCron or such
* ProcessManger -- Design (provides "ps -ef" and such), add #pgrep and #pmatch methods
* Shell -- Write #su(user, *command) as a wrapper around #sh
* Interpeter -- Implement #track_changes, #changed?
* SourceManager -- Design (e.g. svn wrapper)
New drivers
* PackageManager::FreeBSD_Ports - Implement (or make generic ::Ports? and FreeBSD_Pkg
* PackageManager -- Fink and MacPorts (or generic ::Ports?)
* PackageManager -- Upgrade or install specific versions
* PackageManager::Blastwave -- Implement
* PackageManager::SunOS_Pkg -- Implement
* ServiceManager::SMF -- Implement
=== Website
* CSS -- Highlight active section of site
* Page -- Add error page
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