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== User-friendly error messages
AutomateIt provides user-friendly error messages that make it easier to fix
problems in recipes and templates. These pinpoint the cause and show code
For example, one of the sample recipes is executed -- but there's a problem and
the output is shown below.
The message is telling us the error happened in the
'examples/basic/recipes/install.rb' recipe at line 47. The first snippet shows
the end of a failed TemplateManager +render+ call.
In the second code snippet, we see there was a problem with the ERB template
'dist/myapp_server.erb'. This template failed at line 5 because it couldn't
find a variable called +pat+.
With the help of the second snippet, we quickly see that there's a typo -- that
bad variable should have been +path+. Problem solved!
root@kagami> automateit -n examples/basic/recipes/install.rb
!! Problem with recipe 'examples/basic/recipes/install.rb' at line 47
41 :to => "/etc/init.d/myapp_server",
42 :mode => 0555,
43 :locals => {
44 :path => lookup(:path),
45 :user => lookup(:user),
46 :port => lookup(:port),
* 47 }
48 )
(NestedError) Problem with template 'dist/myapp_server.erb' at line 5:
1 #!/usr/bin/env ruby
3 user = "<%=user%>"
4 port = "<%=port%>"
* 5 path = "<%=pat%>"
6 pid = ""
(NameError) undefined local variable or method `pat' for #<AutomateIt::TemplateManager::ERB:0xb78a4e8c>
/home/igal/workspace/automateit/app/lib/helpful_erb.rb:60:in `result'
/home/igal/workspace/automateit/app/lib/automateit/template_manager/erb.rb:105:in `render'
(eval):2:in `render'
examples/basic/recipes/install.rb:47:in `invoke'
=> Use 'automateit --trace' to see complete backtrace
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