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Times provides date/time and sun angles nodes.

... more to come ...
# Date/Time
Date/Time provides date and time in different formats.

## Nodes
* Date
* Day of week
* Seconds since boot
* Second
* Date & time
* Day
* Hour
* Year
* Month
* Time
* Milisecond
* Minute

## How to use
Times can be added in the Virtual node.



After adding the Date/Time node, you can see all the nodes which the driver provides for you.
Date/Time values are provides in local-time. The used timezone should be configured in your system.

# Sun
Sun provides calculated data of the sun angle, sunrise & sunset.

## Nodes
* Sunrise
* Time for sunrise
* Sunset
* Time for sunset
* Is sunset
* Is sunset
* Is sunrise
* Is sunrise
* Dawn
* Is dawn (30 minutes before sunrise)
* Dusk
* Is dusk (30 minutes before sunset)

## How to use



Save & reload your configuration and use date/time in your Automatica.Core Server.
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