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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<currenttask domain='subject' mfile_alias='aamod_LI' desc='compute laterality index using Wilkes LI toolbox' modality='MRI' >
<!-- from the LI manual:
LI_inclusive mask options:
1 frontal
2 parietal
3 temporal
4 occipital
5 cingulate
6 central
7 cerebellar
8 gray matter
9 all standard masks
10 no mask
LI_exclusive mask options:
1 standard exclusive mask, midline -5 mm
2 standard exclusive mask, midline -10 mm
3 no exclusive mask
LI_thresholding options:
1 adaptive thresholding
2 rank-based thresholding
3 iterative thresholding
4 no thresholding
5 bootstrap thresholding
<!-- you must rename the input stream using aas_renamestream -->
<!-- this will probably be a firstlevel t or an F map, for example: -->
<!-- aap = aas_renamestream(aap,'aamod_firstlevel_LI_00001','placeholder','firstlevel_spmts'); -->
<stream isrenameable='1'>placeholder</stream>
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