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Merge pull request #87 from tiborauer/master

UPDATE: RHUL settings
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tiborauer committed May 28, 2019
2 parents db605f7 + bc9207f commit b89d49eb57c89e55df1431c42a2f3fe72069ca4a
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 aa_parametersets/aap_parameters_defaults_RHUL.xml
@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
<protocol_structural ui='text'>t1_mpr</protocol_structural>
<protocol_t2 ui='text'>t2_spc</protocol_t2>
<dicomfilter ui='text'>*.IMA</dicomfilter>
<spmdir desc="Path(s) to SPM (>SPM12 r6470 required)" ui="dir">/usr/local/apps/psycapps/spm/spm12-r7219</spmdir>
<spmdir desc="Path(s) to SPM (>SPM12 r6470 required)" ui="dir">/usr/local/apps/psycapps/spm/spm12-r7487</spmdir>
<spmtoolsdir desc='Path(s) to SPM tools (colon separated list)' ui='dir'>/usr/local/apps/psycapps/CoSMoMVPA/CoSMoMVPA-1.1.0/mvpa</spmtoolsdir>
<linuxshell desc='Linux shell used to run linux commands' ui='text'>bash</linuxshell>
<fsldir desc='Path to fsl' ui='dir'>/usr/local/apps/psycapps/fsl/fsl-5.0.10</fsldir>
<fsldir desc='Path to fsl' ui='dir'>/usr/local/apps/psycapps/fsl/fsl-6.0.1</fsldir>
<fslsetup desc='Path to fsl setup script, executing before any fsl command' ui='text'>/usr/local/apps/psycapps/config/fsl_bash 5.0.10</fslsetup>
<fslshell desc='Shell used to run FSL' ui='text'>bash</fslshell>
<fsloutputtype desc='Output type used by FSL' ui='text'>NIFTI</fsloutputtype>

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