A python library for exchanging data with Blynk using RESTful APIs.
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This is a python library for exchanging data with Blynk using RESTful APIs. This library is much simpler and more straight-forward to use, compared with the official non-RESTful APIs.


Blynk is a IoT platform that eases the steps for building fast IoT prototypes with an UI on mobile phones (Android/iOS).


clone the git project:

git clone https://github.com/automaticdai/blynk-http-python-lib
cd blynk-http-python-lib

create a python script with an editor in your favor (VIM for example):

vim main.py

include the library header:

import blynk_http

init the library with your Blynk auth token:


write a value to a virtual pin:

blynk_http.write('V0', '1000')

or read a value from a virtual pin:

value = blynk_http.read('V1')

Supported Blynk Widgets

Supported input widgets:

  • None

Supported output widgets:

  • (Labeled) Value Display
  • LED
  • Gauge
  • Level H/L
  • Terminal
  • LCD
  • Send Email
  • Push Notification

Not supported yet:

  • Graph
  • History Graph
  • Button
  • Slider
  • Timer
  • Joystick
  • Step
  • Twitter

Todo List


  • Function parameter types are not checked
  • Read pin history data
  • Returned value from 'get_project_property()' API need to be parsed
  • Widget Terminal can't be flushed which is supported by the official API.

Known issues:

  • Network status APIs are not implemented as I think they have limited utilities.
  • Widgets zeRGBa, Bridge, RT clock, BLE, Music Player and WebHook are not implemented as I do not know what there are for.