Ruby framework for the general-purpose automatic processing
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Automatic Ruby

Ruby framework for the general-purpose automatic processing


This is a general-purpose automatic processing ruby framework which can extend the functionality by plug-ins.

See doc/README file.

Get Started

$ gem install automatic
$ automatic scaffold
(Make ~/.automatic on your home directory.)
$ automatic -c ~/.automatic/config/example/feed2console.yml
(This process will be output my blog feed to your terminal.)
$ git clone git://
$ cd automaticruby
$ bundle install --path vendor/gems
$ bin/automatic scaffold
$ bin/automatic -c ~/.automatic/config/example/feed2console.yml
(The same as above.)

Specify any recipe with -c option.

automatic -c <recipe>


$ automatic -c ~/.automatic/config/example/feed2console.yml

What is Recipe?

Automatic Ruby parses configuration file that was written in the form of YAML which including variety of information of associated plug-ins.

This YAML file is called "Recipe".

You can use -c option for specify a file name.

The Recipe has an implicit naming convention.

  - module: MODULE_NAME

For more info, refer to the document (doc/README).


After Ruby 1.9. See Gemfile.


We need your help.






See doc/ChangeLog file.


Releases will be numbered with the follow format:


This naming convention is to mimic Ubuntu.


See doc/AUTHORS or following link.

Project created by


Licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3.0.

Caution!!! This software is NOT under the terms of the LGPL. See the file doc/COPYING.