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import os
import requests
import smtplib
import time
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
alert_email_account = "YOUREMAIL@GMAIL.COM"
alert_email_password = "YOURPASSWORD"
searx_url = "http://localhost:8888/?"
max_sleep_time = 120
# read in our list of keywords
with open("keywords.txt","r") as fd:
file_contents =
keywords = file_contents.splitlines()
if not os.path.exists("keywords"):
# Send email to you!
def send_alert(alert_email):
email_body = "The following are keyword hits that were just found:\r\n\r\n"
# walk through the searx results
if alert_email.has_key("searx"):
for keyword in alert_email['searx']:
email_body += "\r\nKeyword: %s\r\n\r\n" % keyword
for keyword_hit in alert_email['searx'][keyword]:
email_body += "%s\r\n" % keyword_hit
# walk through pastebin results
if alert_email.has_key("pastebin"):
for paste_id in alert_email['pastebin']:
email_body += "\r\nPastebin Link:\r\n" % paste_id
email_body += "Keywords:%s\r\n" % ",".join(alert_email['pastebin'][paste_id][0])
email_body += "Paste Body:\r\n%s\r\n\r\n" % alert_email['pastebin'][paste_id][1]
# build the email message
msg = MIMEText(email_body)
msg['Subject'] = " Keyword Alert"
msg['From'] = alert_email_account
msg['To'] = alert_email_account
server = smtplib.SMTP("",587)
print "[!] Alert email sent!"
# Check if the URL is new.
def check_urls(keyword,urls):
new_urls = []
if os.path.exists("keywords/%s.txt" % keyword):
with open("keywords/%s.txt" % keyword,"r") as fd:
stored_urls =
for url in urls:
if url not in stored_urls:
print "[*] New URL for %s discovered: %s" % (keyword,url)
new_urls = urls
# now store the new urls back in the file
with open("keywords/%s.txt" % keyword,"ab") as fd:
for url in new_urls:
fd.write("%s\r\n" % url)
return new_urls
# Poll Searx instance for keyword.
def check_searx(keyword):
hits = []
# build parameter dictionary
params = {}
params['q'] = keyword
params['categories'] = 'general'
params['time_range'] = 'day' #day,week,month or year will work
params['format'] = 'json'
print "[*] Querying Searx for: %s" % keyword
# send the request off to searx
response = requests.get(searx_url,params=params)
results = response.json()
return hits
# if we have results we want to check them against our stored URLs
if len(results['results']):
urls = []
for result in results['results']:
if result['url'] not in urls:
hits = check_urls(keyword,urls)
return hits
# Check Pastebin for keyword list.
def check_pastebin(keywords):
new_ids = []
paste_hits = {}
# poll the Pastebin API
response = requests.get("")
return paste_hits
# parse the JSON
result = response.json()
# load up our list of stored paste ID's and only check the new ones
if os.path.exists("pastebin_ids.txt"):
with open("pastebin_ids.txt","rb") as fd:
pastebin_ids =
pastebin_ids = []
for paste in result:
if paste['key'] not in pastebin_ids:
# this is a new paste so send a secondary request to retrieve
# it and then check it for our keywords
paste_response = requests.get(paste['scrape_url'])
paste_body_lower = paste_response.content.lower()
keyword_hits = []
for keyword in keywords:
if keyword.lower() in paste_body_lower:
if len(keyword_hits):
paste_hits[paste['key']] = (keyword_hits,paste_response.content)
print "[*] Hit on Pastebin for %s: %s" % (str(keyword_hits),paste['full_url'])
# store the newly checked IDs
with open("pastebin_ids.txt","ab") as fd:
for pastebin_id in new_ids:
fd.write("%s\r\n" % pastebin_id)
print "[*] Successfully processed %d Pastebin posts." % len(new_ids)
return paste_hits
def check_keywords(keywords):
alert_email = {}
time_start = time.time()
# use the list of keywords and check each against searx
for keyword in keywords:
# query searx for the keyword
result = check_searx(keyword)
if len(result):
if not alert_email.has_key("searx"):
alert_email['searx'] = {}
alert_email['searx'][keyword] = result
# now we check Pastebin for new pastes
result = check_pastebin(keywords)
if len(result.keys()):
# we have results so include it in the alert email
alert_email['pastebin'] = result
time_end = time.time()
total_time = time_end - time_start
# if we complete the above inside of the max_sleep_time setting
# we sleep. This is for Pastebin rate limiting
if total_time < max_sleep_time:
sleep_time = max_sleep_time - total_time
print "[*] Sleeping for %d s" % sleep_time
return alert_email
# execute your search once first to populate results
# now perform the main loop
while True:
alert_email = check_keywords(keywords)
if len(alert_email.keys()):
# if we have alerts send them out