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A series of discussions about the development tools that enable automation of software projects.
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Automation Tools Bootcamp

A series of discussions about the development tools that enable automation of software projects.

Always Be Learning

It is important to not just do what's been done because that is the way we have operated in the past.

The Developer Automation Tools Bootcamp is a series of topics for individuals looking for exposure to and usage of new development tools. A progression of tasks, leveraging information from previous sessions to build a small app that runs identically on your local development computer or on a shared server.

Benefits of the bootcamp:

  • You'll get rid of the "it works for me" mentality when you know your local VM is identical to your co-workers and your shared environments.

  • Exposure to new tools: Odds are, you aren't using everyone of these tools in your development tasks. Hopefully there is something to learn for everyone. If not, please send a Pull Request with the desired topic to the index.html page on the gh-pages branch.

  • See the full application automation stack start to finish. Jenkins jobs aren't some voodoo that need to be setup for you. It should be doing exactly what you do locally to compile. If it is your app, you're the best person to create the Jenkins job to build it! Never installed a webserver on a Linux box? You will.

  • Be a polyglot (if you're not already). You'll end up using Markdown, Ruby (for Chef) and JavaScript (for Node.js) while going through these lessons. This is a good thing.

  • Learning is often more fun when it is collaborative.

  • TEST

Project Participants

  • Tyler Fitch
  • Michael Wolcott
  • Jeff Korthuis
  • Daniel Rich
  • Gilbert Wilson
  • N.J. Thomas
  • Ted Waggoner
  • Mo Ali
  • Tori Wieldt ( )
  • Trevor Leffler
  • Jacob Zaval
  • Jacob Perkins
  • Michael Englehorn
  • Jason Howe
  • jgaski
  • Paul English
  • Janna Loeffler
  • Joseph Chilcote
  • James Kolafa
  • Jeremy Morse
  • Derrick
  • David Min
  • Erik Peterson
  • Holden Smith
  • Grant Irvin
  • Ryosuke Morino
  • Dave Rawks
  • Graham Dunn
  • Kripa Faraday
  • Eric Bittner
  • Thomas Leyer
  • Willy Lee
  • Steve Webb
  • Aju Francis
  • Andy Georges
  • Peter Morson
  • Santiago del Castillo
  • Craig Sebenik
  • Jeremy Hayden
  • Joseph Pippin
  • Carl Halstensen
  • David Rivenburg
  • Tim Gagnon
  • Tivon Luker
  • Alan Silver
  • Anders K. Pedersen
  • Pedro Oliveira
  • Oralee Nudson
  • Ahmed Bu-khamsin
  • William Koontz
  • Ron Peters
  • Amy Rich
  • Atif Sheikh
  • Marco Induni
  • Bert Cosemans
  • Stephen Schaefer
  • Tim Larson
  • Basil Baby A
  • Robin Small
  • Ryan M
  • Thao Bui
  • Derek Balling
  • Johann Agnarsson
  • Amir Gonen
  • Derrick Smith
  • Dom D'Alessandro
  • David Kiel
  • Chuck Forsyth-
  • Aaron Root
  • Peter Downs
  • Eammon Hanlon
  • Jay Krause
  • Justin Smith
  • Nick Johnson
  • James Wood
  • Adhip Joshi
  • Jose Rizo
  • Chandan Rupakheti
  • Morgan Todd
  • Josh Johnson
  • Mamatha Singh
  • Rose Nancy
  • Prashanth Guduru
  • Niyazi Elvan
  • Anil Gottepu
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