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A set of Sketch files to help you design block-driven WordPress themes.
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Gutenberg Block Library.sketch
Gutenberg Block Symbols.sketch

Gutenberg Sketch Files

This repository hosts a set of Sketch files that are built to help you design WordPress themes with the block-based Gutenberg editor in mind.

Gutenberg Sketch File Screenshot

The symbols in these files allow you to easily edit and customize styles for all of the default Gutenberg blocks. This makes it easy to iterate on styling blocks for themes, and can help you design in a more modular way.

There's an introductory post on Themeshaper that shows one example of a workflow, but we encourage you to experiment and share what works for you.

PRs and enhancements welcome!


There are two files in this repo:

  1. Gutenberg Block Symbols.sketch / A single file with symbols and text styles for every standard Gutenberg Block.
  2. Gutenberg Block Library.sketch / Those same symbols, but in a Sketch Library file. This lets you reuse styles across multiple files.

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