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Democratizing legalese since 2014!
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Miscellaneous changes throughout, including updates to sections 5 (Fees, Payment, and Renewal), 7 (Specific Service Terms), 13 (Termination), and 17 (Limitation of Liability).
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Democratizing legalese since 2014

What is this?

This is the source of several "legal documents" on, including the Terms of Service. We'd like our legal documents to embody our vision of the spirit of the web--open and accessible.

What can I do with it?

Since these documents are licensed under a Creative Commons license (see below for more information), please feel free to re-use and edit these terms to fit your own use. We do ask for a link back so we can help share the source of this license and spread the word further.

If you notice any typos or would like to suggest any changes, please contribute a pull request.


As noted in our license file, the content here is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Please feel free to make alterations via pull-request.

Other Projects

As well as these open source "legal documents" we also have open sourced other legal related projects including:

  • EU Cookie Law Widget - A WordPress plugin which provides a Widget to help with EU Cookie Law compliance.

Footnotes and Miscellany

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