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Netention (Java web server, HTML5/JS client)
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Web Server Features

  • Multi-client HTTP / Websocket server (via Java Netty 5.0)
    • Websockets for bidirectional asynchronous interaction
    • HTTP streaming for high-speed unidirectional transfers
    • REST API
  • Each client connection exclusively manages a set of NAR reasoners which provide high-level logic processing and goal-driven procedure activation.
  • High-efficiency, multi-user, multi-channel distributed event-bus for real-time pub/sub & end-to-end communication and collaboration
  • Semantic event-bus adaptively forms and suggests virtual channels for broadcasting messages to partially-relevant channels which are adjacent in semantic space
  • Data self enhances through aggregation and agent processing, allowing mere discussion to automatically evolve into actions and results.
  • Graph database (via TinkerPop Blueprints) for metrics and storage
  • Ontology that encompasses all aspects of experience by adaptively integrating DBpedia resources
  • RDF/OWL input/output in multiple formats (via Apache Jena), including N3 and JSON-LD (LinkedData) backed by rule-based reasoners which can integrate bidirectionally with NARS

Web Client Features

  • High-performance HTML5/Javascript realtime websocket user-interfaces using jQuery, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and related libraries
  • Social UI - Multi-view layout facilitating social features. Mobile compatible
  • Desktop UI - Through an enhanced fork of DockSpawn, emulates a full-featured IDE (development environment) consisting of an arbitrary number of different panels arranged in any configuration.
    • Panels can displaying realtime Tag stream, contain an application widget, or embed any other type of HTML content.
    • Multiple input, editing, and output modes for each of the various data types.
  • Mobile UI - limited functionality
  • Dashboard UI - suitable for read-only applications
  • REST API Forms - automatically generated forms for accessing each of a server's REST API endpoints
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