Concise Web UI tests in JavaScript + Ajax support (Selenide port to JS)
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SelenideJS - Concise API for Selenium in JavaScript

(Selenide port from Java to JavaScript)

This repo was an initial try to port Selenide to JavaScript by @yashaka (Iakiv Kramarenko) After Iakiv had joined, the work on the port was moved to, where under his leadership the work was continued, mainly by @AleksanderPopov, with the help of other contributors.

Main features:

  • Concise API for Selenium
  • Ajax support
  • PageObjects support


  • jQuery-style selectors
  • improved PageObjects support (with probably some alternative syntax to "then.then.then")

SelenideJS was inspired by Selenide from Java world.

NOTE: This is still a draft version and API is nut fully finalized and implemented. The package is not available in npm, etc.


//corresponding imports...

describe('', function () {

    const driver = new SelenideDriver(new webdriver.Builder().forBrowser('firefox').build(), new Configuration());

    after('tear down driver', async function () {
        await driver.quit();

    it('searches text', async function () {
        await driver.get('');
        await driver.element('q')).setValue('webdriver').then(pressEnter);
        await driver.element(".srg>.g .r>a").click();  // here an implicit wait for visibility of first result is included
        await driver.should(have.title('Selenium WebDriver'));