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PyImp is now on pypi. To install it simply run pip install pyimp If you want to run fANOVA with PyImp you will have to manually install it via pip install git+

PyImp is an easy to use tool that helps developers to identify the most important parameters of their algorithms. Given the data of a configuration run with SMAC3, PyImp allows one to use Forward Selection, Efficient Ablation and Influence Models to determine which Parameters have the most influence over the algorithms behaviour.

PyImp can be used with argcomplete. To enable autocompletion of PyImp arguments, add the following line to your .bashrc or .profile: eval "$(register-python-argcomplete pyimp)"

The documentation can be found here.

Example results of the package look as follows:

Forward Selection

An example call of forward-selection:

cd examples/branin
pimp --scenario_file smac3-out/scenario.txt --history smac3-out/runhistory.json --modus forward-selection

Results in an image such as:


An example call of surrogate-ablation:

cd examples/branin
pimp --scenario_file smac3-out/scenario.txt --history smac3-out/runhistory.json --trajectory smac3-out/traj.json --modus ablation`

Results in two plots:

Reading in multiple runhistories

To read in multiple runhistories, check out the spear-qcp example:

cd examples/spear_qcp
pimp --scenario_file scenario.txt --history './*/runhistory.json' --modus forward-selection