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RoBO - a Robust Bayesian Optimization framework.

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RoBO uses the Gaussian processes library george and the random forests library pyrfr. In order to use these libraries make sure that libeigen and swig are installed:

sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev swig 

Download RoBO and then change into the new directory:

git clone
cd RoBO/

Install the required dependencies.

for req in $(cat requirements.txt); do pip install $req; done

Finally install RoBO by:

python install


You can find the documentation for RoBO here

Citing RoBO

To cite RoBO please reference our BayesOpt paper:

author    = {A. Klein and S. Falkner and N. Mansur and F. Hutter},
title     = {RoBO: A Flexible and Robust Bayesian Optimization Framework in Python},
booktitle = {NIPS 2017 Bayesian Optimization Workshop},
year      = {2017},
month     = dec,
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