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Tabular Benchmarks for Hyperparameter Optimization and Neural Architecture Search

This repository contains code of tabular benchmarks for

  • HPOBench: joint hyperparameter and architecture optimization of feed forward neural networks on regression problems (see [1])
  • NASBench101: the architecture optimization of a convolutional neural network (see [2])

To download the datasets for the FC-Net benchmark:

tar xf fcnet_tabular_benchmarks.tar.gz

The data for NASBench is available here.

To install it, type:

git clone
cd nas_benchmarks
python install

The following example shows how to load the benchmark and to evaluate a random hyperparameter configuration:

from tabular_benchmarks import FCNetProteinStructureBenchmark

b = FCNetProteinStructureBenchmark(data_dir="./fcnet_tabular_benchmarks/")
cs = b.get_configuration_space()
config = cs.sample_configuration()

print("Numpy representation: ", config.get_array())
print("Dict representation: ", config.get_dictionary())

max_epochs = 100
y, cost = b.objective_function(config, budget=max_epochs)
print(y, cost)

To see how you can run different open-source optimizers from the literature, have a look on the python scripts in 'experiment_scripts' folder, which were also used to conducted the experiments in the papers.


[1] Tabular Benchmarks for Joint Architecture and Hyperparameter Optimization
    A. Klein and F. Hutter
    arXiv:1905.04970 [cs.LG]

[2] NAS-Bench-101: Towards Reproducible Neural Architecture Search
    C. Ying and A. Klein and E. Real and E. Christiansen and K. Murphy and F. Hutter
    arXiv:1902.09635 [cs.LG]
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