This repo contains design files for RFM95/RFM92 LoRa modules in XBee form factor
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v1.1 modified F silk and added pdf for SCH and BRD Mar 8, 2017


The thingBot-LoRa is based on HopeRF's RFM92/95 LoRa modules, featuring Semtech SX1272/78

  • LoRa(TM) Modem
  • 157/168 dB maximum link budget
  • +14 dBm high efficiency PA
  • Programmable bit rate upto 300 kbps
  • SPI Interface
  • -137/-148 dBm Sensitivity
  • 89 dB Blocking immunity
  • Low RX current of 10 mA
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa(TM), OOK modulation
  • 127 dB Dynamic Range RSSI
  • Packet engine upto 256 bytes with CRC
  • Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator

Platform Features

  • XBee Compatible
  • Power ON Led
  • 3.3V Vin
  • SPI Interface
  • On-board RESET button

Getting Started

  • Place any thingBot-LoRa on any XBee Socket
  • Connect the pins to your Microcontroller as mentioned in the manual
  • Upload your code and enjoy!!!


The thingBot-LoRa is maintained by thingTronics Innovations.

Main contributor: