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Invite Link


AutoMuteUs is a Discord Bot to harness Among Us game data, and automatically mute/unmute players during games!

Requires amonguscapture to capture and relay game data.

Have any questions, concerns, bug reports, or just want to chat? Join our discord at!

Click the "invite me" badge in the header to invite the bot to your server, or click the GIF on the left.

All artwork for the bot has been generously provided by Smiles!

⚠️ Requirements ⚠️

  1. You must run the Capture application on your Windows PC for the bot to work! Any Among Us games that don't have a user running the capture software will not have automuting capabilities!
  2. The Capture application currently only supports the Steam, Epic Games,, and Microsoft Store releases of the game, but does not support beta or cracked versions.

Quickstart and Demo (click the image):


Usage and Commands

To start a bot game in the current channel, type the following slash command in Discord after inviting the bot:

# Starts a game, and allows users to react to emojis to link to their in-game players

The bot will send you a private reply with a link that is used to sync the capture software to your game. It will also have a link to download the latest version of the capture software, if you don't have it already.

If you want to view command usage or see the available options, type /help in your Discord channel.


Command Description Example
/help Print help info and command usage
/new Start a new game in the current text channel
/refresh Remake the bot's status message entirely, in case it ends up too far up in the chat.
/pause Pause the bot, and don't let it automute anyone until unpaused.
/end End the game entirely, and stop tracking players. Unmutes all and resets state
/link Manually link a discord user to their in-game color /link @Soup cyan
/unlink Manually unlink a player /unlink @Soup
/settings View and change settings for the bot, such as the command prefix or mute behavior
/privacy View privacy and data collection information about the bot
/info View general info about the Bot
/map View an image of an in-game map in the text channel. Provide the name of the map, and if you want the detailed version /map skeld true
/stats View detailed stats about Among Us games played on the current server, or by a specific player /stats user view @Soup
/premium View information about AutoMuteUs Premium, and the current premium status of your server


You can view privacy and data collection details for the Official Bot here.


AutoMuteUs now uses CrowdIn for Localization and translations (thanks @MatadorProBr)!

Help us translate the bot here:


To extract strings for translation to locales/en.toml:

goi18n extract -outdir locales
curl -s >> locales/active.en.toml
sed -i 's/\\n/\\\\n/g' locales/active.en.toml


Self-hosting requires robust knowledge and troubleshooting capability for Docker/Docker-compose, unRAID, Heroku, and/or any other networking and routing config specific to your hosting solution.

As such, we recommend that the majority of users take advantage of our Verified bot. The link to invite our bot can be found here:

Invite Link

If you are certain that you would prefer to self-host the bot, please follow any of the instructions on automuteus/deploy.


Please refer to the instructions on automuteus/deploy.

Similar Projects

  • Imposter: Similar bot that uses private Discord channels instead of mute/deafen. Also uses a dummy player joining the game and "spectating" to get game information; no capture needed (although loses the 10th player slot).

  • AmongUsBot: Without their original Python program with a lot of the OCR/Discord functionality, I never would have even thought of this idea! Not currently maintained

  • amongcord: A great program for tracking player status and auto mute/unmute in Among Us. Their project works like a traditional Discord bot; very easy installation!

  • Silence Among Us: Another bot quite similar to this one, which also uses AmongUsCapture. Now in early-access with a publicly-hosted instance!