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This extension was generated by the Extension Wizard at .
This extension is compatible only with Firefox 1.5 and
above. Most of the files in this package are based on
the 'helloworld' extension from the Mozillazine Knowledge Base.
You can build an XPI for installation by running the script located in this folder. For development
you should do the following:
1. Unzip the entire contents of this package to somewhere,
e.g, c:\dev or /home/user/dev
2. Put the full path to the folder (e.g. c:\dev\masspasswordreset on
Windows, /home/user/dev/masspasswordreset on Linux) in a file named
masspasswordreset@johnathan.nightingale and copy that file to
[your profile folder]\extensions\
3. Restart Firefox.
For more information, see the Mozillazine Knowledge Base:
-Ted Mielczarek <>